There is no doubt that you love and have a great value for your car. But, keeping your car’s paint pristine can as well be challenging. At some point, people used to apply the wax solution in their vehicles only to maintain its novelty all the time. with the current change in technology, you have little to worry about your car due to available lighter and better options that help maintain your car.

Crystal Car Spa offers Ceramic coating solutions that guarantee your car an original shine of the auto as well as longer tenure maintenance. It is also known with the name of quartz coating, glazed coating, and Nano coating. The process employed is quite effective in the sense that it creates a layer of protection by forming a bond with the car’s original paint. Thus, the chemical property that enhances shining keeps the vehicle in its showroom-like look. Ceramic coating is a premium wax alternative. However, it is not a substitute you can use for paint protection film. Glazed coating neither break down nor wash away the vehicle’s paint hence, it doesn’t need frequent application every few months or whatsoever. Washing your car using the only specialized product is what you need to make the ceramic coat look good at all times.

Our ceramic coating(Phủ Ceramic Cho xe ô tô) is based on the Nano-technology and is designed for both automotive and industrial applications. Perhaps you need to consider coating your vehicle because of the following reason:

  • The car does not get dirty easily. However, coating makes it easier to clean in case of little dirt and protects against bird droppings, chemicals, and UV rays.
  • The ceramic paint is strongly fused to the surface of your car and cannot be dislodged by any form of vibration. Thus, it helps your car’s paint to last longer while protecting its surface.
  • The glazed coating is the best way to block foreign matters from damaging your car. Your vehicle must endure a variety of attacks to its body while on road. Thus, a good coating will encase the original coating to withstand a great deal of damage.
  • Professional ceramic at Crystal Car Spa helps you achieve the value of your car. Since the coating is arbitrary permanent, it will help you save your money and maintain your property. We cannot say that the ceramic coating will make your car maintenance-free. Yet, with little work, you can easily maintain better results. It is advisable that you apply the ceramic coating shortly after the delivery of your brand new car so as to enhance the efficiency of the paint. But if your car is not new, no harm since Crystal Car Spa prepares the surface for the ceramic coating application.

Ceramic coating( Phủ Ceramic  cho xe ô tô) is basically the application of choice for the car owners who desire to have their vehicles maintain magnificent looking like for years. Our mission at Crystal Car Spa is to ensure we provide prestige auto protection services our esteem auto enthusiasts’ car owners. So why wait? Visit our place service today or contact us to learn more about the best ceramic paint coating that suits your vehicle.